Efficient collaboration.  Positive feedback loop.  Steady development progress.

Big picture

Jira Dashboard (Development portal)


We follow a customized version of Sprint methodology.

  • Our Sprint length is 2 weeks
  • No Story can be added or removed within the Sprint
  • Try our best to finish all the stories before the end of Sprint
  • Once the sprint is finished, all work will be push to production
  • All the changed made during Sprint will only stay in staging


1. Story / User story

Story is a representation of user story, contains general description, expected outcome, and documents associate for implementation.

  • Story point: Budget of that story
  • Development: A branch associate to that story
  • Activity: Communication on story-specific matter
  • Epic link: Epic is a higher level view of story, help project manager to see a bigger picture
  • Tempo: Time tracking tool, not used anymore

2. Development workflow

2.1 Start from stories at To Do column, pick one that you are going to start with

  • Click Create branch on that story, to well...create a branch

2.2 Drag over the card from To Do to In Progress

  • Leave message at activity section if needed, or talk on Slack for more instantaneous response
  • Pull and work on the new branch locally
  • Create a PR when you think its ready to go

2.3 Drag over the card from In Progress to Waiting to be reviewed

  • Attach the link of your PR at the comment, and tag project manager

2.4 Project manager will then leave comments on your PR or approve it

  • If they leave comment on your PR, your card will be moved to In Porgress. Take your time to update your PR, and repeat 2.2 when it's ready

Feel free to Slack project manager for any clarification, or just chatting in general.

Keep in mind that this might change over time, we are open for improvement and feedback. If there's something you find can improve your workflow with our process, let us know!

Happy Coding!!