This keynote serves as a summary of what we will go through on our kickoff meeting (Feb 1st, 2019)

What's coming?

  1. Weekly meetings presumably on Friday.
  2. Expect a lot of development related conversation on Slack.
  3. Talk about commitments and difficulties.


How does our training work?

Focus on the Why, touch upon the How, let you fly with the What.

Main takeaways from this

  1. Published project of your own.
  2. Practical working experience on Web development.
  3. Opportunity to work on paid freelance work.
  4. Opportunity to be part of our company, work on impactful products.

My expectation on you after our training

  1. Have a clearer picture of what Web is.
  2. What it's like to work in the software industry.
  3. What it's like to work in a software development team.

My philosophy on leadership

Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don't want to. - Richard Branson
  1. I have no intension to make this a formal training, meaning that I would take away what I think unreasonable elements, such as tight deadlines, stressful study materials, and unpleasant atmosphere.
  2. Lets make this learning process as fun as we can, and enjoyable! 👻

Discussion about how we start the coding part🔥