In the grand scheme of things, Explorator's mission is to bring technological advancement to everyone, however the big "WHY" is, really, to help others and push our society forward.

One of our goals is to provide internet access to third-world countries. Achieving that will require heavy research, long hours, and intensive capital that we have yet to obtain.

So, we thought; why don't we play our strengths and start small?

Hence, that is the beginning of the Web Dev training by Explorator.


It all started in a small room with one table and barely working lights in the basement of uOttawa library. There were only a few of us students from various programs; all the way from business to engineering majors.

We were all there to learn Web development. The mentor of our training group, Jack, was teaching from a 13 inch laptop, so everyone had to take one or two steps closer to get a clear look of what is shown on the screen. Our chairs had barely enough room to move as the wall was right behind us.  

This was the very first training that we had, and it is not the most glamorous one. However, what we appreciated the most is everyone's eagerness and motivation to learn despite of the "so so" environment we were in.


Jump forward to a few months later, after a couple of weeks of running our Web Dev training group, we were able to have access to a co-working space in uOttawa; one that is bigger, brighter, and equipped with monitors!

We then start utilising the space which is a huge step up from our first training. We no longer have to take steps or even squint our eyes to see the learning materials because we now have bigger monitors, and we can now sit comfortably in a spacious area.

Since then, more students have been interested in our Web Dev Training group.

We are still a small group of eight students, however that is also one thing that we love about it. Each one of us is determined to master our web development skills, and there is nothing that can replace being in a group of fun and passionate folks working towards a common goal.

Running a web development training group may not be a big deal at all, but it is a very precise reflection of our motivation - to help people and push our society forward.

We hope that our members will gain valuable web development knowledge through this program and use it to benefit others for the good of this world.

Being able to run this training group truly gives us a sense of fulfillment that is priceless..
Runnan, Yashar, Wayne, Jack, Juan, Daniel | (missing Gus & Yuhan)


Here at Explorator, we truly believe that anyone is capable of achieving anything.

The road may not be direct and there might be some obstacles along the way, but they are inevitable, and there is really nothing stopping you from starting small.

Besides, the bumpy road and the obstacles are only going to make you stronger, more creative, rich in experience, and, basically, a more awesome version of you.

At the end of the day, it really is the journey that matters, so let's embrace it and enjoy the ride together.

To infinity and beyond! 🚀

We would like to thank all members of the group that made Web Dev training by Explorator the way it is today: Jack, Runnan, Yashar, Daniel, Wayne, Gus, and Yuhan. Without them this whole thing would not have existed.