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  1. Explorator as a Company
  2. Our Roles
  3. Our Process

WARNING: Too many gifs ahead..

Explorator the Company

Meaning of Explorator

Path Finder in Latin. To explore, to innovate, and to be more than ourselves.


To bring technological advancement to everyone.

Such as..

Creating offline software that works with no connection, Giving internet access to third-world countries, and many more.

Commonality: To help others and push Society forward.



Provide custom software for people across the globe at an affordabel price.

Help students gain real, practical, and applicable working experience.


Explorators are..

  1. Open-minded
  2. Encouraged to innovate and be creative
  3. Fun!
  4. Family

Our Roles

Jack & Juan

Senior Developer

  • Code
  • Oversee project
  • Mentor and work closely with Junior Developer
  • Review quality of code produced by Jr. Dev

Junior Developer

  • Code
  • Provide input and feedback for on-going project
  • Communicate and work closely with Sr. Dev
  • Learn and further develop skills


Have fun!

Our Process