Some of you by now might know that Explorator Technology exists, but may not understand why we are here or what we do exactly.

Please allow us to clarify in this blog post.

1. What is our long-term mission?

Our long-term mission is to push our society forward via technological advancement.  This includes but not limited to providing internet connectivity to third world countries and even exploring the space!

2. What do we do?

We realize that our mission is quite ambitious, therefore we decided to take it one step at a time.

That first step is to provide affordable software development as a service to businesses and individuals. Meanwhile, we are providing opportunities to people who are seeking professional software development experience.

3. How does it align with our mission?

We target affordable software service because we have seen many people struggle to start their own ventures for financial reasons.

Hence we are committed to lowering the barrier of entry in the software space, give people a helping hand to turn their vision into reality.

4. What do we have to offer?

We work with people who are passionate about programming and looking for an opportunity to learn more. We call them Explorators as people who are willing to push the boundaries and work hard on themselves to be better.

We believe anyone who has passion and drive deserves a chance to thrive, and we are here to support them by giving them the experience they need and an enjoyable environment to grow.

That's what Explorator Technology is about, helping others to thrive and excel; turning their dreams into realities.